How I work

Helping your dog to relax through touch & massage

Photobiomodulation Therapy using a Photizo Light Therapy Device.

Rehabilitation exercise and Kinesiology Tape. 

Use of equipment to help with Proprioception and core strength 

The treatment.

It is my aim for my treatment room to be relaxing for both you and your dog. If you are relaxed this will help your dog to relax too.

I will first look at your dog's movement, then I will look at posture to see how easily they can sit and stand and what your dog's natural posture is.

I will then assess the skeletal which is checking the Atlas and pelvis is all level and in line. Next is to check mobilisation of the joints and my final check will be to use palpation moves to check the muscles for any tension or tightness which will be restricting a dogs movement.

During a Merishia Massage Session your dog is free to move away from me when s/he feels they need too, I allow your dog to make the choice of having a massage without force, this will then build up a trust between us for your dog to let me work on really restricted areas where there is a lot of tension.

During a Massage session, I will also offer your dog some reflexology and work on acupressure points to help your dog relax and build trust.

Photobiomodulation Therapy (light therapy)

I do Photobiomodulation Therapy using a Photizo Light Therapy Device. I use light therapy in my treatments to help the body heal faster, it is a no-invasive treatment to help acute & chronic conditions.

Light therapy can accelerate healing giving faster recovery from injury & can be used as a pain management tool to ease degenerative conditions like arthritis.

Light therapy is proven to help:

•Increase energy in cells.

•Clears inflammation & increases lymphatic activity.

•Increases circulation.

•Increases immune system activity.

•Pain relief & calming by increasing endorphins & serotonin.

Kinesiology Taping

Kinesiology taping has been used successfully on humans for many years, and it has now proven to be successful in treating animals too. 

Kinesiology tape moves wth the tissue without restricting range of movement, and it can activate or relax a muscle depending on the application. It can also give support to joints without movement restriction.

Kinesiology tape helps the healing process after a massage where there are soft tissue lesions, and the tape allows a certain amount of light movement to help with healing.

Proprioception and Rehabilitaion exercerises

I sometimes use equipment for proprioception work, which can help paw placement and body awareness, as this will help the body receive input through receptors in the paws, muscles, and joints and transfer this information to the brain through the nervous system so that the body can sense itself. I teach core & strengthing by encouraging exercises to engage the abdominal muscles and exercises to help with forelimb and hindlimb movement. These exercises can help reduce the risk of injury. 

About Me

I am a Canine Merishia Massage Therapist and a dog trainer with canine behaviour qualifications too. I attend regular CPD days to keep up to date with new techniques.

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What is Merishia Massage

Merishia massage uses a combination of Swedish & Sport massage.

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Contact me

To book an appointment or to find out more give me a call.

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Can massage help my dog?

Massage can have a positive effect on the body as the muscular system influences the:

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Musculosketal check 

Gait assessment

Proprioception exercises

Increase body awareness

Enhance muscular balance

Assist pain-related behaviour

Aid joint movement

Improve performance